Supreme Technologies provides networking solutions, networking products, set-up/service/maintenance of your computer network. We first determine your business needs for the coming years, recommend solutions for your existing network, or design a completely new one.

Running a business means optimizing time and resources. Here’s where a server can help. With the right server solution, you can share resources, such as internal files, printers, fax machines, Internet access, e-mail, contacts and calendars, in a more secure manner, and keep your network operating at peak performance – so you can simplify daily activities and save time and money. Perhaps the single greatest problem arises from a machine that is really meant to be a personal computer being used as a server. The cost of maintaining a PC used as a server far outweighs the savings. Servers are optimized to perform this special role and are far more reliable and easier to support. Using a proven server line will save you money and produce far better results for your business.

Proper selection of the hardware is only half the equation. You need sound, expert advice on how to maximize the use of this equipment. Without careful thought and planning, even the best system will fail to meet your needs. It is recommended that a Microsoft Certified Professional be involved in all stages of the plan and its implementation. Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs:

# Get e-mail, contacts and calendar, internal Web site with shared folders, file, print and application sharing with firewall protection, to help keep your Business data secure and more – all in one affordable server solution.

# reduce administration costs: everything you need can be custom-configured and optimized to meet your specific business needs by a local technology solution provider. Gain better control of your hardware and data assets.

# Keep employees productive with fast, centralized access to company data at speeds typically two to three times faster than peer-to-peer networks. # Staff can be efficient no matter where business takes them with 24/7 remote access to e-mail, internal Web sites, network files and even business applications from any PC with Internet connectivity.

Servers need to be maintained and updated to ensure security and reliability. Having a good monitoring and maintenance plan in place is a good business practice. Proactive support is far better than reactive troubleshooting that leaves everyone down while troubleshooting problems after the fact. With today’s high speed network access, servers can be remotely managed at a fraction of the cost of having an internal support staff. This allows you to focus on your business instead of worrying about technical details.

We Support
•   Network Setup.
•   Structure cabling.
•   wireless Networking through acess point.
•   Wireless security system.
•   Giga switch 10/100mbps and 100/1000mbps.
•   climpping, Punching and connection at the both noad.
•   Network accessories.
•   Network Peripherals.
•   Networking Education