Supreme Technologies provides complete IT solutions. As part of our efforts Supreme  also provides complete range of computer hardware products and support. We deal in branded as well as assembled computers as well and can provide you the best rates & after sale services in the industry.

A service means a lot to any company when it comes to providing support to their existing as well as their new IT infrastructure environment. We provide following services:

Annual Maintenance

A repair all of a sudden might prove expensive and going in for an Annual Maintenance Contract can be beneficial.

There are however, certain things that you must know about these contracts before you actually get into one.

Comprehensive AMC: This includes repair and replacement of the faulty PC parts for a lump sum price. You are not charged separately for the labor or for the parts replaced.

• Non-Comprehensive AMC: This type of AMC does not include replacement of parts. It does not charge for the labor but the owner has to pay the actual price for the parts replaced.

General Maintenance: Whether it's your first computer and you need help, or just can't find the time, Supreme Technologies will set your systems up properly right from the start. Our friendly technicians will visit the site and install your PC, make sure everything works, and even show you the basic usage of the applications. Asteroid Solutions offers a full range of House/Office calls. Most PC techs have the basic set of tools, of course, like several sizes of Phillips screwdrivers and some tweezers. But Our Technicians/Engineers are equipped with advance tool chests that not only save your time but also prevent tampering of any components.

Networking Supreme Technologies provide a bottom up approach to designing network systems such as LANs, WANs and clusters, for small businesses and corporate clients. We look at your needs and look at your infrastructure as a whole to design a network that suits you best. We can customize and fit our solutions to match your company size, growth patterns and usage.

Our Network Integration solutions provide an approach to help you cope with the difficulties of business networks. Regardless of the size of your business, a large corporation or a small business, our network integration solutions allow you to balance traffic loads across multiple servers and provide higher availability, better response time, and increased reliability.

Maintenance contracts are customized to suit the client’s needs and requirements. We provide services to maintain or do security checks on your server so you know it will always be up to date and impenetrable.

Servers:  We provide the ideal server solution for organizations for all of your primary computing and networking needs. Our Server is ideal for businesses, agencies and training centers that demand high-performance in a limited space. The platform is being designed to excel in a number of applications, including general-purpose use, network infrastructure and technical computing.

Printer Repair : Supreme Technologies has a dynamic staff working to provide the highest quality of service in a timely fashion.

The principal service of the company is to provide repairs exclusively for printers and monitors.
Our company is well equipped with the latest of the equipments.

We also have made available buy back provision, where we buy your products and spare parts back by paying you cash. We also exchange old printers with new printers.We also purchase monitors and old pc’s.
Our engineers are expertly trained in repairing and servicing all types of printers and monitors some products come under the warranty slot and some under the non - warranty slot. All these features are carried out at reasonable quotes. We don't just provide after sale services besides just simply dealing with its clients, educates them and helps them acquire prompt and quality service.

Monitor Repairs: Monitor is probably one of most important item on a computer system. A poor repair or incorrectly adjusted monitor may lead to early life failure of internal components such as the tube. There are also health risks to consider eye strain being the most common complaint. Therefore it is important that only qualified technicians with well-equipped instruments and spares should be selected to repair monitors.
Supreme Technologies has qualified and dynamic staff for monitor repairs. We handle all types and makes of monitors including Acer, Viewsonic, Samsung Samtron, LG, Compaq, IBM, TVM, HP, SONY,CTX,Philips etc.We also repair all types of LCD and TFT Screens of all Company make & brand.

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